Sana Health care to manage 216 bedded acute care hospital at Carrollton from March 1st 2020

Management Contracts & Turnaround Engagements

Sana Healthcare’s approach to contract management services is based on a collaboration with local boards, physicians, employees, and the community. The assessment and plan of action is transparent and this enables all groups to understand their role in the successful improvement effort.

A top to bottom operational assessment and marketplace analysis as well as interviews with key stakeholders will form the basis for a step by step plan that will drive future success. Management functions including business office, revenue cycle, supply management, staffing control, program development, and utilization control will be benchmarked against industry best practices. The improvement plan will require buy-in from key stakeholder groups before implementation. A balanced scorecard of key operational, financial and strategic metrics will be presented at regular intervals to mark the progress of the hospital.

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