Sana Health care to manage 216 bedded acute care hospital at Carrollton from March 1st 2020

Sana Healthcare Acquisition Structure

The decision to sell a highly valued community resource like a hospital often comes about only after a great deal of deliberation and discernment. The decision may have been reached due to competitive pressures, management challenges, financial issues or risks of operating a hospital in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Once the decision has been made, an equally difficult decision will be choosing a buyer. The reputation, experience and life-long commitment to excellence, quality outcomes, physician and employee satisfaction and financial stewardship of Sana Healthcare’s principles is well known and can be put to work for your community.

In acquiring a hospital, Sana Healthcare LLC makes a long term commitment to each community to manage and lead a critical community resource. The success of the community hospital will always be dependent on a partnership between Sana Healthcare, the community, its physicians and employees.

Going forward, Sana Healthcare will engage the Community and Physician leaders for membership and to provide Medical Staff leadership. Successful Hospital operations and Health services delivery is and always will be local partnerships with Sana Healthcare brings state of the art management, financial strength and operational best practices.

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